Privacy Policy

Personal information :

- We don't share any personal information collected at your device with any other parties .
- The personnel information means :

 * phone number 
 * email 
 * location 
 * device name 
 * device information ( brand - model etc... ) .
- We may use the personal information provided by you solely for the purpose of: to improve, not to offer and improve our products and services, and to provide better quality services.

Non Personal information :

- the non personal information means any general information about you for example device information , acces wifi or to data plan etc ...

- The non personnal information it's in general to get rapport and analytique .
- The non personnal information it can be shared with other company or any approval thread partie .
Supported :
* We use admob company ( google ads ) to support all apps created by Dev Yacou .
* We don't offered at the moment any paid apps or purchasse .

Feedback or Question :
Feedback or Question contact via email .


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